Five years ago.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I have not blogged in ages. I have to say, though, that I am really excited to be back at it. I am about to graduate from college, and I am mentally preparing myself for all the extra time I will have. Going to school full time and working full time is no joke, my friends. I had this little blog several years ago, but I since deleted all the posts because it was so irreverent to my life now. It is amazing to see how much things change in just five short years. Big things. 

Let's take a second to see how much things have changed in this life of mine over five years, shall we? 

+Five years ago, I was never even considering going back to school, and now I will be graduating with my Bachelors in Business Management in a few short months(!!!). 

+Five years ago, I was still living with my dad. Now I am living on my own. 

+Five years ago, I was was working as an assistant. Now I am a Project Manager. 

+Five years ago, I had no idea what I wanted, and no direction in life. Now I have a pretty good idea.

+(Around) Five years ago, I decided to be a vegetarian. That lasted for a year in a half, now I eat meat. 

+Five years ago, I was driving a car that I was not sure would get me to my destination every day. Now, I have a reliable car, brand new car that I can rely on. 

+Five years ago, I was almost debt free. Now I have an abundance of student loans and other debt I wish I didn't have. On a side note, why in the world is college so expensive? I mean, really. It's insane. Right? 

A lot has happened in the past five years, but most of it has been really, really good. I listed out all of those things because I want to remember where I was and how far I have come.  You see, when one is about to turn thirty, a lot of thoughts start creeping their way into your little brain:

Have I done enough?
Am I where I should be?
What am I doing with my life? 
Am I weird because I am not married and don't have any kids yet?
Will I ever have kids? Do I even want kids?
Should I buy a house? Where do I want to buy a house?
Do I have enough money in my 401k?
Should I invest in an IRA?
Is this strand of hair blonde or grey? 

In case you were wondering, it was grey. Actually, more like stark white; it was horrifying. 

With thirty being around the corner, I have been reflecting a lot on my life. I have started wondering if I am where I should be at thirty. I expected myself to be more established than I am, but what does that even mean? I live on my own, I am completely self-sufficient, and I work in banking as a Project Manager. I have come so far in the past five years, yet I still feel like I haven't accomplished enough. 

I tend to set high expectations for myself, and sometimes those expectations are not necessarily realistic. I am trying to fit myself in this box of what I think thirty should look like, yet I am consistently being reminded that the Lord has me right where I am for a reason. It is so easy to get lured into playing the comparison game, and feel discouraged about where we are versus where we think we should be. 

I am not sure what my aim or goal is for this blog, but I am okay with that. It's fun for me, so I am just rollin' with it! 

Talk to you soon. 

Here's to spending the next 4 1/2 glorious months still being 29!

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