Wednesday, July 2, 2014

      Happy Wednesday, everyone! Aren't you so happy we're halfway through the week? I sure am! Our Corporate office is closed on Friday,too, which means I don't have to work--obviously that's a giant win for me. Do other companies take the fourth of July off? I don't even know. I'm presuming most do. 

+ VBS came and went really fast. It was such an encouraging time for me and hopefully for the kids, too. The picture above is of me and my sister, by the way. I love her to pieces. She's been the most influential person in my life. One day I'll write a post about her. She deserves her own post, because she's that amazing. 

+ I finished my 21 day's of clean eating! You guys, it wasn't that hard at all. The most challenging part was during vbs when they fed us food every single night, because I couldn't eat most of the stuff that they had, so I stuck with dry salad and whatever type of meat they had. There towards the end I was really starting to crave a pizza, though. So, to celebrate, that's what I did! I felt horrible afterwards, though. I always knew I felt really gross after I ate pizza ( or any kind of bready food), but I never realized just how bad it was until I cut bread out of my life. No joke, I felt 6 months pregnant. It was really good pizza, though, even if it did make me incredibly bloated and uncomfortable.

 I've had people asking me what I'm going to do now that I'm done with the challenge, and truthfully, I'm going to just stick with it.  I feel way too good to add processed food, sugar, and gluten back into my diet on a regular basis. Every once in a while, yes, because I have to be realistic, but for the most part, I'll continue eating paleo. 

[excuse my red eyes; it always happens to me]

+Saturday night I went to a dance recital with my friend Melanie, which was amazing. The dancers were incredible. The only thing that really bothered me about it was that every single outfit throughout the entire recital ( which was more than 2 hours long..) made them look like they were half naked--no more than half.  Even the little girls were half naked, and then they were dancing up there,shaking it like Biance. I know that comes with the territory of being a dancer, but it just really urked me, and then you see all their dads watching them in the audiance. Does that bother anyone else? Maybe it's just me. 

+I had a random desire to have herbs in my kitchen window, so I did it. I bought some really cheap pots, spray painted them with chalkboard paint and planted my herbs. I started out with these two, but I plan on getting some cilantro and thyme, as well. It's so fun to cook with your own herbs! 

Since being on the 21 days of clean eating challenge, I had to cut out anything artificial in my diet, which included stevia ( The stuff in the packs isn't really natural. If you're growing a stevia plant in your backyard, then that would be considered natural). I was one of those people who had to have some sort of sweetener in my coffee, or else I couldn't drink it. I ended up with just coffee and heavy cream. It took some getting used to, but now I don't want it any other way. Funny how that works. 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week and a fabulous 4th of July! 


  1. Way to go on meeting your goal! I am trying to eat better too! I have been using Truvia in my coffee but I'm not sure if it's much better than sugar.

  2. The little girl dance costumes is sad. When my cousin danced, there was too much skin. And hello eyelashes in the picture of you in the pink! So pretty!

  3. Coffee with heavy cream is great! Could you whip it up with some xylitol or a splash of vanilla and make your own whip? That'd be super yummy mixed into coffee!

  4. Okay the herbs are awesome, I cannot get over this. They are so cute in the pots! Love that. I definitely want to start that whenever I get my own apartment!


  5. I would love to do the 21 days of clean eating but it seems so daunting!

  6. Love the herb pots! So cute!



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