It's a problem.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

  Friends, I'm having a problem. I've been on this journey of getting healthy and working out on a consistent basis. I feel like I'm finally getting the workout part of all of this down, but it's my nutrition that I'm struggling with. I know all of us go through this, but it's really discouraging to me when I feel like food is winning on the imaginary scale in my mind; the scale that has my goals on one side and a really tasty treat on the other. The funny thing is (and probably the most frustrating), is that I know how to eat healthy and I know what I have to do to achieve my goals, because I've done it before. I'm not doing it, though. It's just so frustrating that there is a constant battle going on in my head when it comes to food. It's totally psychological, because when I'm not focusing on a goal, I don't ever crave sweets. It's the whole wanting what you can't have thing.

Obviously I"m not like sitting around eating sweets all day long. I eat really, really clean all day long, but it's in the evening after my workout that I start to crave carby foods.  I asked Jason Seib, the author of Paleo Coach how to get over this ( I'm part of his online community EPlifefit), and he said you just have to tough it out. The reason it's so hard is because when you eat Paleo you're cutting out all the bread and processed carbs that your body has been used to using for energy, so when you don't eat them, your body is like " hey..what's going on!!" and freaks out just a little bit. I have no metabolic flexibility at the moment.  But seriously, what happened to my self control?  This is annoying. 

On a happy note, I'm kicking butt on my workouts! I'm working out completely different than I did before ( I'm working more on metabolic conditioning) and I can totally tell a difference. I feel like I've been beat up afterwards, but it's worth it. 

Thanks for letting me rant. I've got this! 


  1. Hey might check out the book Made to Crave. It helped me SO much get my eating in focus. I'm nowhere near perfect, but it's changed my mindset about eating healthy.

  2. yay for kicking butt on your workouts girl. honestly, i really struggle with the whole eating healthy thing too. i try, but as soon as i tell myself i can't have something, I want it. Unfortunately, I went a bit crazy and binged last Saturday and I was so sick on Sunday and that finally snapped me out of it, and I have eaten well all week. So hopefully I can stick with it, long enough to get away from all the sugar calling my name.

  3. Well done for taking the plunge to start exercising. The good thing is you're half way there. As soon as you master the eating side of things you'll be winning. Good luck babe. I'm now following you on GFC, I'd love it if you could follow me too? xx

  4. Good for you!! You are doing better than a lot of people. Just keep working hard!!


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