Friday Five.

Friday, April 11, 2014


               1// I made this clutch last night, and there's a slight possibility that tomorrow you just might have a change to win it. :)

2// On Wednesday nights I teach AWANA at my church, and I get to see these little cuties. Aren't they adorable? The middle one is my niece, Lydia. 

3// Made this yummy frittata this week and it was sooo yummy! I made it with eggs, sausage, roasted bell papers, onions, lots of tasty spices, and topped it with some thin pieces of tomatoes. Delicious! 

4// Got back to my spin class this week! Felt so good! I injured my foot and had to take some time off of my workout's and dance classes. It feels so great to be back! 

5// I've been told that one of the best things you can drink is lemon water, because lemons are very detoxifying.  So yesterday morning, I tried drinking this instead of coffee, because it's really good to detoxify your body after you've been fasting ( sleeping) for several hours. I did drink it, but you better believe I still had my coffee. I just can't give up coffee. I can't. Especially my Chameleon Cold Brew coffee. Seriously, check out their cold-brewed coffee. It's uh-maz-ing! Yes, I just spelled amazing with an "uh"; it was appropriate for emphasizing the amazingness of it.  

 Sorry this wasn't too exciting. I've been really busy this week, and haven't had a chance to take many pictures.  

Make sure you check back tomorrow for the giveaway!!! 

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  1. Love the clutch - so cute! Happy weekend!


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