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Thursday, March 27, 2014

    My brain is on overload right now, and since my blog is, well, my blog, I'm going to sit here and chat it up with you guys. Okay? Pour a big cup of coffee, because you're in for a deep one, my friends!

 You see... I'm stumped.

 26 is quickly approaching, and I'm having a lot of crazy " oh my gosh what am I doing with my life?" moments. I know this is totally a normal feeling people have as they age, and it seems like every single birthday I end up feeling like this in one way or another--especially the past 2 birthday's.

I have a lot of dreams, passions, desires--call it what you will, but I have a lot of them. Rory and I took a personality test not too long ago, and it cracked me up, because it totally hit the nail on the head with both of us. My test described me as someone whose passionate about a lot of things, and has a tendency to be inconsistant, because they hop from one passion to another. As much as I hate to admit it, that really is true. Do you ever feel that way? I think I get that personality trait from my mother; she was a very passionate person.

You see, there's a lot of disadvantages to being a person with a personality like mine. You can't decide what the heck to do with your life, because you have so many things you would LOVE to do.

I'm incredibly passionate about nutrition. In fact, I have a blog post I've been waiting to publish, talking about real food and what real food actually is, because most people have a really distorted view of what they're eating . I've spent countless hours listening to podcasts, reading books on nutrition, and I've spent a ton of time praying about whether or not I want to seriously persue going to school to be a Holistic Nutritionist. I'm going to be taking a nutrition, food and health class in a couple of weeks,  just to dip my feet into it a little bit more.

It's so much more complicated than that, though. This doesn't just effect me, it effects Rory, too. From the beginning, Rory and I have wanted to get married. There's a real possibility that marriage isn't far away. With that said, I don't know if I a) want to go to school the first couple years of marriage. b) go into more debt just to be able to attend school. And c) will I want to do this after I have kids?

You might think I'm getting ahead of myself, but I feel like these are all things to take into account.

I'll say it again...I'm stumped.

To be perfectly honest, the one desire I've had my entire life is to be a wife and a mom. I would be perfectly happy and content doing just that. I guess we'll see what the Lord has planned for me. It's just really hard to sit around and wait for God to give you the push to go to the right or left--especially when there are so many things to consider. One thing I know is that I can fully trust in the plan that God has for me. His plan is far greater than mine, and that brings me so much comfort.

Have you ever felt like this before? How did you handle it?

Thanks for listening--er, I mean reading.

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  1. YES, oh my goodness, we are so similar! I'm getting closer to 26 too (just a few months!) and it definitely makes me have emotional meltdowns...it seems like an age where you should know what you're doing, and I definitely don't (fun fact: I've considered nutrition too. Woah.) It seems like a lot of people are in our situation though, so that helps :-)


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