My Christmas Wish List

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


1/ Aren't these boots just adorable? I've been drooling over them for awhile now. I'm in love.

2/  This scarf has been on my mental list for quite sometime. I just can't bring myself to spend almost $40 on a scarf, which is why it's on this list. ha!

3/ I grew up watching the Anne of Green Gables movies, but I have yet to read the books. My hope is to read these soemtime soon, but who know's if that'll actually happen. I tend to fall asleep after about 2 pages of reading, because I'm so exhausted from my day. I would actually love to have the movies, too, because my VHS copies are kinda out of date, wouldn't you say?

4/  I have a dear friend who has a cricut and loves them to pieces. This is just something fun that would be a nice addition to my little craft corner in my house. I just love crafty things! 

5/   I dream of DSLR camera's when I sleep. I love good quality pictures, and I would love to learn how to work with different lighting; it's such an art. 

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  1. I love Anne of Green Gables! The books and movies are amazing! Also, I hope you get your DSLR camera, I too, dream of getting one of those for Christmas :)

  2. I want to eventually read Anne of Green Gables as well! I love the movies (well the first two atleast, never saw the third).
    Those boots are so lovely!! I've been looking for nice rain/snow boots and everything I am findng is too clunky. These however appear feminine AND practical! :)

  3. Unfortunately, us So Cal residents don't really need rain boots. I wish this wasn't true!
    And I would looooove to get a new camera! Either that, or it's definitely time to upgrade my lens. Good picks girl!

  4. I want those boots too! You have a great list!

  5. Love your list!! I definitely hope you get the DSLR ;)
    I have NO idea what to ask for this year. So lame! But I already know what I (and Mia) want next year! Matching Hunter boots, ha ha!

  6. Those boots and that scarf are both adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I hope you get all these things... Or at least the camera. ;-)


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